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Hidden London: The Ratecard

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Beefeater challenging a French visitorWhy choose Hidden London?
This is a highly regarded resource, with hundreds of inbound links from other reputable websites, blogs and newsgroups, and from many articles on Wikipedia.

Hidden London has been selected as one of Time Out magazine’s ‘best London websites’ and one of the ‘ten essential websites for visiting London’ in a recent article on MakeUseOf​.com, and is preserved by the British Library in the UK Web Archive.

Naturally, Hidden London’s readers tend to have a particular interest in London, so if your target market is London-​​born, London-​​bound or London-​​beguiled, advertising here could play a productive supporting role in your media plan.

Hidden London’s content is primarily read by well-​​educated people (of both sexes and all ages, but with a slight bias towards younger females) resident in the United Kingdom, especially those living in or close to London itself. Most other visitors come from elsewhere in Europe (especially Germany and Scandinavia) and from the United States, Canada and Australia.

The site has more than 10,000 unique visitors a month, each viewing an average of 2.3 pages, making the rates shown below extremely competitive in terms of cost per impression. Please make contact if you’d like more information on the demographic profile of Hidden London’s readership.
Display ads
The table below shows the preferred formats for display advertising on Hidden London. IAB standard ad units are also available but except for leader­boards at the bottom of the page these will be charged at a signi­ficant premium, to compensate for their detri­mental effect on the site’s aesthetics. The rates are for static, clickable ads. Please make contact if you wish to discuss non-​​standard sizes or rich media options – or simply to book one of the slots shown in the table. The prices below are for your ad to appear on every page of Hidden London (the site has approx­imately 550 pages at present).

Format (size) Positioning Price per month
Banner (664px x 40px) Top of content area £50
Banner (664px x 80px)* Bottom of content area £50
Leaderboard (728px x 90px)* Bottom of page £75
Landscape rectangle (200px x 100px) Top of sidebar £35
Square (200px x 200px) Top of sidebar £65
Portrait rectangle (200px x 300px) Top of sidebar £90
* These are altern­atives to one another

Site takeover
Your ads can replace every display ad presently on the site for a fee of £250 for one month.
Text ads
‘Classified’ ads may be booked for the sidebar and are charged at £1.50 per word per month, appearing on all pages (or, if you prefer, a single page or selection of pages) and using the point size shown in the example in the sidebar. If more than one advertiser books a text ad in any given month, the ad(s) booked earlier will appear higher.
Please note:
Advertising is bought on a calendar month basis, with a minimum purchase of one month.

No more than two sidebar display ads (of whatever size) will be featured at any one time. The rest of the sidebar will be filled with recom­mend­ations for other pages on Hidden London, or occasional text-​​only ads and/​or book recom­mend­ations via Amazon, as shown on this page.

You can supply artwork in png, jpg or gif form, to appear exactly as sent, or in any other form for conversion to one of the afore­men­tioned types. Existing artwork can be adapted to fit a specific size of box or banner, free of charge.

This ratecard is valid until March 2013. Site traffic has been growing rapidly in recent months so these rates may increase signi­ficantly at the next revision.

This space, at the bottom of every page: £50 a month

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