Brackenbury Village, Hammersmith & Fulham

An estate agents’ and property developers’ label for the area between Ravenscourt Park and Hammersmith Grove

41 Iffley Road, opposite the junction with Hebron Road

41 Iffley Road, Brackenbury Village, opposite the junction with Hebron Road

From the 1860s, terraced cottages and some substantial houses were built on former market gardens and brick­fields and the present streetscape was almost complete in 1890.

By the mid-​​20th century many of the properties were in such a run-​​down condition that the council considered demol­ishing some streets and replacing them with municipal housing. Instead, the homes were progressively improved and from the early 1980s gentri­fication took hold.

With tube stations at three corners and its varied and pretty archi­tecture, Brackenbury Village (or simply Brackenbury) saw numerous conversions and restor­ations in the late 20th century, with an accom­panying influx of specialist shops and eateries, and it is now one of the most desirable neigh­bourhoods in inner west London. The cluster of shops at the junction of Brackenbury Road and Aldensley Road adds to the sense of community. The impact of a strip club’s arrival in an area popular with young families was the subject of a television documentary in 1999.

There is another Brackenbury Village in north Ickenham, in the London Borough of Hillingdon, but the name is not widely used. Aylsham Drive is its main thoroughfare.

Postal district: W6


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