Highams Park

Highams Park, Waltham Forest

A residential district, public park and industrial estate situated south of Chingford Hatch

Level crossing and disused but preserved signal box south of Highams Park station
Level crossing and disused but preserved signal box south of Highams Park station*

The stuccoed manor house of Highams lies well to the east of the locality called Highams Park, facing Woodford Green and identified with a pin on the map below. Built in 1768 for Anthony Bacon MP, the house was next occupied by a former governor of Bombay.

Highams’ third owner, John Harman, called in Humphry Repton to landscape the grounds, and Harman’s son Jeremiah sold the estate to Edward Warner in 1849. The Warners were a prominent family in the area and prime minister William Gladstone was among their guests here.

When the station opened in 1873 (originally as Hale End) the Warner family began to develop the grounds, making this one of the first parts of the wider district to be built up. The houses were generally more substantial than the family’s projects further south-west in Walthamstow.

The Corporation of London acquired 30 acres of Highams’ grounds in 1891 to preserve them as part of Epping Forest.

The station was rebuilt in 1900 and Highams Park continued to grow during the early decades of the 20th century, gaining factories, schools, churches and some Arts and Crafts amenity buildings. The Electric cinema was built in 1911 and was joined in 1935 by the Regal, which is now a snooker hall.

Also in the 1930s, Essex county council built Highams Park school and Walthamstow council created the open space called Highams Park. A neigh­bouring stretch of land is still owned and maintained by the City of London as part of Epping Forest. It has a six-acre lake with fishing for carp, pike and tench. The whole area is labelled on the map below as The Highams Park. Although not univer­sally employed, the use of the definite article helps distin­guish this park from the other open space sometimes called Highams Park (in the bottom left corner of the map below), which is nowadays home to the Peter May sports centre.

Adding further confusion to the use of the Highams name, the gener­ously propor­tioned semi-detached houses to the immediate east of The Highams Park constitute the Highams estate, which has been desig­nated an area of special character.

Considering that it is not on a main through route and is close to Walthamstow, Woodford and Chingford, Highams Park has a surpris­ingly large shopping centre around the station, although many of the outlets are pound shops and fast-food takeaways. Former indus­trial land off Larkshall Road has recently been redeveloped with terraced houses, flats, live–work units and shops, including a flagship Tesco super­store.

Postal district and postcode area: E4 and Woodford Green IG8
Population: 11,355 (Hale End and Highams Park ward, 2011 census)
Station: London Overground (zone 4)
Website: Highams Park Forum


* The image of the level crossing and signal box, Highams Park, on this page is adapted from a photograph by (and copyright of) Robin Webster and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.