North Feltham

North Feltham, Hounslow

A Heathrow satellite district with industrial and trading estates north of the Duke of Northumberland’s River and housing to the south

A lamb on Hounslow urban farm. It appears to have escaped its enclosure.
Hounslow urban farm

In the days when this was an empty corner of Hounslow Heath, Bedfont gunpowder mills stood near Baber Bridge. The mills frequently blew up and had to be rebuilt. Swords were ground at another mill nearby. Stables dating from around 1800 remain from the former Feltham Lodge.

A handful of mid-Victorian villas have survived north of Staines Road but the district has otherwise been entirely created since the Second World War. North Feltham was home to the National Maritime Institute until its submersion within British Maritime Technology, which is based at Teddington.

The thriving North Feltham trading estate is dominated by logistics and support opera­tions serving Heathrow Airport and the aroma of inter­na­tional airline cuisine wafts from food prepar­ation units.

Hounslow Urban Farm was created in 1990 on the site of the borough parks nursery. It is London’s largest community farm and its only approved rare breeds centre. The farm is located on Fagg’s Road, just north of the ambulance and fire stations, and seems now to be calling itself Urban Farm Hounslow.

North Feltham’s other amenities include a Tesco super­store, allot­ments and a waste tip.

Postcode area: Feltham TW14