Southernmost point in London

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Southernmost point in Greater London

A glance at an outline map of London shows that its border is at its most irregular on the southern side. In the absence of clear dividing features such as rivers or ridges, modern admin­is­trative bound­aries frequently derive from the arbitrary separ­ation of parishes (or of hundreds) many centuries ago – often along the bound­aries between two fields that have since been amalgamated into one or disap­peared altogether.

Such parishes were later allocated to one borough or another – and then, through a series of historical accidents, found themselves included in or excluded from Greater London on its creation in 1965.

Coulsdon’s historic bailiwick ran to within 500 feet of the church of St Peter and St Paul’s, Chaldon. Coulsdon is nowadays part of the London Borough of Croydon, while Chaldon falls within Surrey’s Tandridge district.

Shown in Street View below, the (unsign­posted and uninhabited) Croydon/​Tandridge crossover point on Ditches Lane is the south­ernmost location in Greater London. Incidentally, the south­ernmost settlement in Greater London is Hawley’s Corner, in the borough of Bromley.

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