Marling Park

Marling Park, Richmond upon Thames

The south-western corner of Hampton, fringed by parkland and playing fields that back onto the reservoirs of Hanworth and Kempton Park

geograph-3903320-by-Marathon - Holly Bush Lane

The ear­li­est record­ed prop­er­ty here­abouts was New­house, lat­er known as the Old Farm House, which was in exis­tence by the late 16th cen­tu­ry and sur­vived (though prob­a­bly in rebuilt form) for almost 400 years.

By the mid-19th cen­tu­ry the farm was known as Tan­g­ley Park. Its own­ers built the ‘com­modi­ous’ Roy­al Hotel on their land in 1867 but the struc­ture was nev­er used for its intend­ed pur­pose. Instead it became the Female Orphan Home when the insti­tu­tion moved here from Waltham­stow in 1869.

Major WB Mar­ling pur­chased the estate in 1890 – renam­ing it after him­self – and an exceed­ing­ly slow process of sub­ur­ban devel­op­ment got under way.

Oak Avenue

All Saints Hamp­ton, by the pro­lif­ic church archi­tects FH Green­away and JE New­ber­ry, was con­se­crat­ed in 1908 but not com­plet­ed until lat­er – and with­out its planned tow­er.

On Oak Avenue, at the cor­ner of South Road, the Roy­al Oak was orig­i­nal­ly built as two hous­es in 1921 then con­vert­ed into a pub in 1924.

Most of the present prop­er­ties in Mar­ling Park date from the 1930s and 1950s, with semi-detached hous­es fronting ver­dant avenues. The vary­ing fin­ish­es sub­se­quent­ly applied to the exter­nal walls aggra­vate the archi­tec­tur­al dishar­mo­ny – but the abun­dance of mature trees makes up for a lot.

Old Farm House was demol­ished in the 1960s and the area to its north was devel­oped from 1973 onwards as Hamp­ton Nurs­ery­lands, which will be the sub­ject of a sep­a­rate page on Hid­den Lon­don soon­er or lat­er.

Though it con­tin­ues to appear on A–Z maps, the name Mar­ling Park is large­ly unrecog­nised by local res­i­dents, who sim­ply think of this local­i­ty as part of Hamp­ton, or specif­i­cal­ly Hamp­ton Nurs­ery­lands on the north side.

Twickenham rugby football club plays at the Parkfields ground on South Road.

Postcode area: Hampton TW12
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