Map key

Map key

A key to the maps shown at the bottom of most gazetteer pages

Some hues vary according to degree of zoom
Land use colours should be treated as a rule of thumb rather than a certainty
River bus piers and (especially) bus stops appear only in high zoom views – as do secondary entrances to DLR stations


An example map is shown below – and you’ll instantly detect why I chose this area. It’s rare to see so many parcels of land given over to different cate­gories of usage in close proximity to one another, which makes it an atyp­i­cally colourful specimen of London cartography.

Like all the Google maps on Hidden London you can zoom in or out using the plus and minus buttons; drag the person icon to almost any road for a Street View; and move the whole map around to show any part of London (or beyond).

Click ‘Satellite’ for a bird’s-eye view. Click ‘Map’ for standard Google maps colouring.

NB   The site presently has more non-Google maps than it used to have. This is primarily an expedient to avoid Google’s prohib­i­tively expensive charges for high usage.