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News, inform­ation, previews, reviews, opinion and more. Hidden London confesses to having been sceptical about Londonist when it began, because it was an offshoot of the NYC-based Gothamist rather than a home-grown creation. But after more than a decade of fine work and fine-tuning it now qualifies as a fully fledged London insti­tution.
The largest and most compre­hensive survey of parks and gardens in the capital, this is the online presence of the London Parks & Gardens Trust’s Inventory of Historic Green Spaces, containing over 2,500 impress­ively researched entries.
Heritage of London Trust
The Heritage of London Trust helps preserve the buildings and monuments that tell the story of the city and its people. Since its found­ation in 1980 the trust has given grants to over 600 restor­ation projects and many of these are featured on the website.
Diamond Geezer
“Life viewed from London E3”. Probably London’s best individually written blog – and certainly the most inform­ative (but maybe not for those with a short attention span). DG also ventures beyond the London border increas­ingly often.
On London
On London is run and mostly written by Dave Hill, formerly the Guardian’s London commentator. “It seeks to report and explain how this extraordinary and complex city is changing in these momentous times.”
The Great Wen
The work of journ­alist Peter Watts, the Great Wen may not be the most stylish-looking London blog but it’s one of the more inform­ative and well written, covering a wide range of subjects, often of a cultural nature. The blog’s name, by the way, is a reference to William Cobbett’s famously caustic nickname for the city.
London Remembers
London Remembers documents over 5,000 commem­or­ative plaques, monuments, statues and fountains.
London Historians blog
Updated regularly (though less often than it used to be) the London Historians blog should satisfy even the most voracious appetite for musings and miscel­lania about London.
A celebration of Modernist architecture in Britain
Exquisitely crafted profiles of 30 of the greatest Modernist buildings in London – and another 30 beyond. You’ll wish there were more. (And they’re coming … but slowly.)
London Mural Preservation Society
The London Mural Preservation Society works to protect, preserve and celebrate London’s murals in the communities where they were created – and its website includes a very well produced record of some of the capital’s finest permanent street art.
Locating London's Past
Locating London’s Past allows you to search digital resources relating to early modern and 18th-century London, and to map the results on to John Rocque’s 1746 map – but it’s not for the techno­lo­gically faint-hearted.
London Footprints
An excellent – if old-fashioned – site about exploring London on foot, with plenty of additional inform­ation however you’re getting around.
London Small Historic Houses
A baker’s dozen of small historic houses that tell the stories of fascin­ating and famous former residents.
Time Out
The category killer in the ‘what’s on in London’ market.
Visit London
The soulless website of “the official promo­tional company for London”. If you’re a complete London novice you may also be inter­ested in this one-page Guide to Visiting, Experiencing & Enjoying London.
Almost everything you need to know about travelling in London, with some useful journey planning tools.
London Town
Good commercial site for making arrange­ments for a visit – even longstanding Londoners can benefit from the expertise and inform­ation arrayed here.
Evening Standard
London’s weekday newspaper. It could be better; could be worse.
London government
Don’t be put off by the anodyne masthead. This is City Hall’s reader-friendly site about almost every aspect of life in London, going far beyond what you might expect from the mayor and the London Assembly.
Edith's Streets
Wonderfully detailed notes on London’s local history.
Randomness Guide to London
Another site that’s better than its masthead makes it look, the Randomness Guide to London is “a kind of database, kind of review site, used for documenting inter­esting places in London”. It’s collab­or­ative and commercial-free.
This is Local London
An aggregate site for news from around 40 of London’s local papers.
The Underground Map
Now a veritable compendium (of varying quality), the Underground Map goes way beyond the remit implied by its name, with enlight­ening material on all sorts of districts and struc­tures – and some excellent visual content, notably its “maps of this place through time” feature.