50p building

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The 50p building

‘The 50p build­ing’ is a nick­name for the office tow­er prop­er­ly called No.1 Croy­don, pre­vi­ous­ly the NLA Tow­er, which is locat­ed near East Croy­don sta­tion at at 12–16 Addis­combe Road.

Com­plet­ed in 1970, its 23 mul­tan­gu­lar storeys bear a vague resem­blance to a stack of alter­nate­ly arranged fifty pence coins. It was ear­li­er nick­named the ‘wed­ding cake’ and the ‘three­pen­ny bit build­ing’.

For some while con­sid­ered an eye­sore, the build­ing has come to be regard­ed more fond­ly, espe­cial­ly since a clean-up in 2006.

“French pres­i­dent Nico­las Sarkozy has revealed he is plan­ning to take inspi­ra­tion from such won­ders as the Whit­gift Cen­tre and the NLA Tow­er – more affec­tion­ate­ly known by locals as the 50p build­ing – for the future of Paris.”

Croy­don Guardian (8 Sep­tem­ber 2008)

50p Building