Harefield Grove

Harefield Grove, Hillingdon

Only one London street atlas identifies this as a discrete locality, situated north of Harefield proper on Rickmansworth Road and consisting of little more than one farm and one mansion

Harefield Grove Farm

There has been a farm here since at least 1684, when it was called Gutters­dean Farm. It is now Harefield Grove Farm. In the late 19th century exotic fruits and vegeta­bles were grown for the London market in over 100 green­houses with 50 miles of hot water piping.

Harefield Grove is a grade II listed house, probably of late 18th- or early 19th-century origin but signif­i­cantly altered on a least two subse­quent occasions. It is most notable for its grounds, with lakes and a waterfall, which are among the few surviving land­scaped gardens in London not to have been opened to the public.

In 1983–5 Harefield Grove was converted to offices for the towel rental company Initial. The conver­sion involved radical internal alter­ations and external demo­li­tion and recon­struc­tion and must have barely scraped through the approval process. Initial moved out after Rentokil bought the company and Comer Homes acquired the site in 2003.

By this time Harefield Grove has lain vacant long enough for the house to be placed on Historic England’s Heritage at Risk register.

In 2013 the Greater London Authority rejected Comer’s proposal to convert the majority of the main Harefield Grove house into a single ‘dwelling unit’, with various outbuild­ings being converted, built or rein­stated to create a further 23 homes. The developer subse­quently adjusted its proposal, reducing the number of addi­tional resi­den­tial units. Planning permis­sion was granted subject to several condi­tions and work might finally commence in 2019.

A small studio was constructed at Harefield Grove Farm to create CI5’s headquarters in the first season of The Professionals, a 1970s crime-action drama. Some exterior scenes were shot at locations nearby.

Postcode area: Uxbridge, UB9
Bird’s eye view: Bing Maps view of Harefield Grove