Malden Green

Malden Green, Kingston/Sutton

A little-used name for the eastern end of Old Malden, nowadays increasingly considered to be part of Worcester Park


The green that gives the locality its name lies north-west of Worcester Park station and was also known as Lower Green. Like many village greens, this was common land that was progres­sively whittled away until a central fragment was saved in perpetuity.

By the 19th century, the local authority was vigi­lantly guarding the green’s integrity. William Baker, a Cheam tea dealer, was found guilty of enclosing a quarter-acre in 1844 and told to remove his fence or pay a £20 fine.

But in 1859 Worcester Park station was built on the common land and the railway line split the green in two.

In 1908 Parlia­ment passed an act autho­rising the Metro­pol­itan Commons (Malden Green) Scheme, which gave permanent protec­tion to the five-acre common. Never­the­less, encroach­ment by various house­holders continued to cause problems and a local butcher had a hut forcibly removed from the green in 1925.

The part of the green east of the railway line is now a sports ground, which was brought entirely under the authority of Sutton council in 1995.

Malden Green Farm is a Grade II listed farmhouse that juts into the green. The farm’s remaining land recently disap­peared beneath Barratt’s Holly­brook devel­op­ment of 50 executive-style houses.

Postcode area: Worcester Park KT4
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