Newlands, Barnet

An upmarket enclave in north-west Edgware, squeezed between the A5 and the A41 near the foot of Brockley Hill

A pricy house in Newlands, Barnet, by Hidden London

The local­i­ty’s name may refer to land newly brought into agri­cul­tural use, perhaps in the early 16th century.

The open land of Newlands belongs to All Souls College, Oxford – as it has done for centuries – while the resi­den­tial part consists of Pipers Green Lane and a handful of branching cul-de-sacs, accessed from Brockley Hill. Roman cremation burials were found in 1953 at Pipers Green Lane.

Most of the prop­er­ties in Newlands are of the ‘luxury executive’ type, with some showy neo-Georgian frills. Several of the newest homes boast very substan­tial propor­tions. A couple of houses distin­guish them­selves by their pleasing use of weath­er­boarding. There’s a great deal of greenery everywhere.

Pipers Green Lane continues as a tree-lined footpath beside what used to be Edgware­bury golf course and is now Lost Jungle, an Aztec-themed ‘adventure golf course’.

Postcode area: Edgware, HA8