Woodridings, Harrow

No longer identified on most maps, Woodridings was an early commuter estate situated between the River Pinn and Uxbridge Road in south-west Hatch End

Woodridings - Wellington Road

Fol­low­ing the arrival of the rail­way, the first 50 hous­es were laid out on for­mer farm­land here in 1855. Bor­row­ing an Ital­ianate design late­ly used in Swiss Cot­tage and St John’s Wood, the prop­er­ties were intend­ed to attract fam­i­lies who want­ed a grand res­i­dence but could not afford a more exclu­sive address.

Large, semi-detached hous­es with osten­ta­tious façades and gen­tri­fied names were set well back from the roads. Most homes had two or three ser­vants, often drawn from near­by Pin­ner.

Admi­ral Nelson’s daugh­ter Hor­a­tia and two of her mar­ried sons bought three hous­es on the Woodrid­ings estate.

Samuel Bee­ton and Isabel­la Mayson mar­ried in July 1856 and the fol­low­ing month moved into a new­ly-built home on Uxbridge Road – one of a pair of red-brick hous­es called Chan­dos Vil­las. Here in 1859 Isabel­la began writ­ing the arti­cles that became Beeton’s Book of House­hold Man­age­ment. The Bee­tons left Woodrid­ings in the autumn of 1861.

Hidden London: Haven residential care home
Haven res­i­den­tial care home

Milk was deliv­ered to the Woodrid­ings estate from Woodrid­ings Farm, which occu­pied the north side of Uxbridge Road until the land was devel­oped in the mid-1920s.

Chan­dos Vil­las were destroyed by a direct hit in the Blitz and a shop­ping parade now stands in their place.

Only one struc­ture sur­vives from the orig­i­nal Woodrid­ings scheme: a pair of three-storey, stuc­coed vil­las at num­bers 40 and 42 Welling­ton Road, shown in the pho­to­graph at the top. Next door, the front façade of the recent­ly built Haven care home has been pleas­ing­ly designed to echo the vil­las’ appear­ance.

Else­where, the local­i­ty now con­sists of a mish-mash of munic­i­pal­ly and pri­vate­ly built prop­er­ties, dat­ing from between the wars to the present cen­tu­ry.

Postcode area: Pinner HA5