Southernmost point in London

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Southernmost point in Greater London

A glance at an out­line map of Lon­don shows that its bor­der is at its most irreg­u­lar on the south­ern side. In the absence of clear divid­ing fea­tures such as rivers or ridges, mod­ern admin­is­tra­tive bound­aries fre­quent­ly derive from the arbi­trary sep­a­ra­tion of parish­es (or of hun­dreds) many cen­turies ago – often along the bound­aries between two fields that have since been amal­ga­mat­ed into one or dis­ap­peared alto­geth­er.

Such parish­es were lat­er allo­cat­ed to one bor­ough or anoth­er – and then, through a series of his­tor­i­cal acci­dents, found them­selves includ­ed in or exclud­ed from Greater Lon­don on its cre­ation in 1965.

Coulsdon’s his­toric baili­wick ran to with­in 500 feet of the church of St Peter and St Paul’s, Chal­don. Couls­don is nowa­days part of the Lon­don Bor­ough of Croy­don, while Chal­don falls with­in Sur­rey’s Tan­dridge dis­trict.

Shown in Street View below, the (unsign­post­ed and unin­hab­it­ed) Croydon/Tandridge crossover point on Ditch­es Lane is the south­ern­most loca­tion in Greater Lon­don. Inci­den­tal­ly, the south­ern­most set­tle­ment in Greater Lon­don is Haw­ley’s Cor­ner, in the bor­ough of Brom­ley.

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