Botany Bay

Botany Bay, Enfield

A remote hamlet situated on the Ridgeway, which links west Enfield with the M25 at Potters Bar

Chapel at Botany Bay - geograph-3988192-by-Bikeboy

Botany Bay takes its name from the for­mer Aus­tralian penal colony, imply­ing an iso­lat­ed set­tle­ment in the same way that ‘World’s End’ was used two miles to the south.

The ham­let came into being after the enclo­sure of Enfield Chase in 1777 and it had gained its cheeky name by 1819, when CG Green­wood iden­ti­fied it on his map of Mid­dle­sex.

Botany Bay has been home to a series of sim­ple chapels dur­ing its short life and still has one today. The first was in exis­tence by 1851 and had links with a now-obscure (but still active) evan­gel­i­cal sect called the Count­ess of Huntingdon’s Con­nex­ion, but it did not see out the cen­tu­ry.

Botany Bay’s ter­raced cot­tages and some of the larg­er prop­er­ties are of Vic­to­ri­an ori­gin, while 20th-cen­tu­ry ameni­ties include the Robin Hood pub­lic house and a farm shop.

Botany Bay Crick­et Club is locat­ed on East Lodge Lane and also plays host to a petanque club, darts teams and meet­ings of the North Lon­don MG Own­ers Club.

Styling itself ‘North Lon­don’s lead­ing rur­al busi­ness cen­tre’, East Lodge Vil­lage has office units in the for­mer Vic­to­ri­an walled gar­dens of East Lodge.

In 2001 Enfield coun­cil con­tem­plat­ed relo­cat­ing Enfield golf course to Rec­to­ry Farm but the incom­ing Con­ser­v­a­tive admin­is­tra­tion aban­doned the pro­pos­al a year lat­er. The coun­cil firm­ly oppos­es attempts to devel­op Botany Bay in almost any way, stat­ing that “the char­ac­ter and promi­nent ridge-top loca­tion of the vil­lage means that no sites exist where fur­ther build­ing devel­op­ment will not harm the green belt set­ting or the land­scape of the Enfield Chase her­itage area. The coun­cil will there­fore resist devel­op­ment on back­land sites, in spa­cious gar­dens and grounds, and in sub­stan­tial gaps along road frontages.”

Postcode area: Enfield, EN2
Further reading: Steve Collins, Botany Bay Cricket Club: A Hundred Years of Village Cricket – available from the club


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