Plumstead Common

Plumstead Common, Greenwich

A wiggling chain of open spaces covering an undulating plateau in south Plumstead, linking to Winn’s Common in the east

geograph-5181297-by-Marathon - Autumn colours on Plumstead Common

The parish work­house stood at Winn’s Com­mon in the 18th cen­tu­ry and a wind­mill was built on Plum­stead Com­mon in 1764. Vil­las and ter­races of hous­es began to appear on Plum­stead Com­mon Road in the 1840s. This was a time when parish­ioners made the most of their graz­ing rights on the com­mon and there were objec­tions when the landown­ers, Queen’s Col­lege, Oxford, began to enclose some of the land.

The sit­u­a­tion wors­ened in 1871 when the col­lege grant­ed the army per­mis­sion to use the com­mon as a train­ing ground and the right of pub­lic access was with­drawn. When the leader of a protest march was impris­oned, com­mon­ers riot­ed to secure his release.

An Act of 1877 autho­rised the Met­ro­pol­i­tan Board of Works to pur­chase the com­mon. This was a peri­od of height­ened (and high-class) sub­ur­ban devel­op­ment in the neigh­bour­hood, when new streets such as Wrottes­ley Road were laid out. The Slade (now Greenslade Pri­ma­ry) school opened in 1884. Two years lat­er, Wool­wich Arse­nal work­ers found­ed Dial Square foot­ball club at a meet­ing in the Prince of Wales pub­lic house on Plum­stead Com­mon Road. The name was soon changed to Roy­al Arse­nal and the club played its ear­ly home games on Plum­stead Com­mon.

By the out­break of the First World War the vicin­i­ty of the com­mon had filled with hous­ing, accom­pa­nied by shops and church­es. The mod­ernist archi­tect Berthold Lubetkin added a unique ter­race of four hous­es (shown in the pho­to­graph below) at 85–91 Gen­es­ta Road in 1935.

Hidden London: 85–91 Genesta Road by BornHard74

Plum­stead Com­mon has some of the most var­ied ter­rain of London’s open spaces, includ­ing wood­ed ravines, pud­ding­stone boul­ders and an ancient bur­ial mound on Winn’s Com­mon, as well as sports facil­i­ties.

Postal district: SE18
Further reading: Alex and Julia Cowdell et al, Our Common Story: A Celebration of Plumstead Common, Plumstead Common Environment Group, 2004
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