Welcome to Hidden London

The world’s most popular website devoted to lesser-known London


Hidden London takes an informative, historically inclined look at a variety of the capital’s more obscure attractions, curiosities, districts and localities. The two main sections are:

Hidden London - angular graphic showing London boroughs

The Guide, which has in-depth, illustrated articles featuring relatively recherché attractions with qualities that make them worth visiting – or at least stopping to admire on your way past.

The London Gazetteer, which has more than 600 potted histories of the capital’s diverse districts and localities, with an emphasis on lesser-known places throughout Greater London. They’re listed in the Index.

Hidden London has recently been revamped to improve its appearance on most sizes of screen but especially on mobile devices. The work is nearly complete now but there is still much to be done in adding more words and pictures to this home page, and in clearing up some flaws elsewhere. If you come across anything that seems to have gone amiss with the site in any way, please send a message via the form on the Contact page. Thanks in advance.