Newbury Park

Newbury Park, Redbridge

A nondescript area of mixed private and local authority housing in north-east Ilford, straddling the Eastern Avenue

Hidden London: Newbury Park station

The manor of Newbury was part of Barking Abbey’s extensive land­hold­ings in the Ilford area until the disso­lu­tion of the monas­teries, when Henry VIII granted it to Sir Richard Gresham.

The land remained in wholly agri­cul­tural use until the late 19th century, when the first suburban houses were built, together with a primary school.

In 1903 the Great Eastern Railway Company opened the Fairlop loop, which linked Woodford with a junction on its main line between Ilford and Seven Kings. This was a spec­u­la­tive project based on the assump­tion that Ilford’s housing boom would bring continued northward expansion, and a substan­tial station was built at Newbury Park in antic­i­pa­tion of heavy traffic.

A new school was provided and 142 house plots were offered for sale on the Newbury Park estate but investors failed to mate­ri­alise. Only four plots were sold (on Hertford Road) at £42 each. It was not until the arrival of the Eastern Avenue in the mid-1920s that property devel­opers filled the district with compact housing.

To the south, the Plessey Company began manu­fac­turing elec­tronic commu­ni­ca­tions equipment on a new site at the junction of Ley Street and Vicarage Lane. In 1936 work began on a tunnel that would link the Central Line with the Fairlop loop at Newbury Park. Construc­tion was halted by the outbreak of war and a Plessey produc­tion line was set up in the tunnel.

Hidden London: Newbury Park station plaque
Newbury Park station plaque

At the end of 1947, under­ground trains finally replaced the old steam service and this was accom­pa­nied by the distinc­tive remod­el­ling of the existing station, with an arched concrete, copper-clad canopy for buses (shown in the photo­graph at the top of the page*), which won a Festival of Britain award for archi­tec­tural merit.

Newbury Park has a growing number of residents of south Asian birth or descent, orig­i­nating from all parts of the sub-continent, and they accounted for the majority of the ward’s popu­la­tion at the 2011 census. At Newbury Park primary school around three-quarters of children speak English as an addi­tional language.

Postcode area: Ilford IG2
Population: 16,760 (Newbury ward, 2011 census)
Station: Central line (zone 4)


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