Lower Edmonton

Lower Edmonton, Enfield

This is downtown Edmonton, focused around Edmonton Green, where Fore Street, Church Street and the Hertford Road meet

The Latymer School: founded 1624 – though not at this location
The Latymer School was found­ed in 1624 – but not at this loca­tion

All Saints’ church was in exis­tence by about 1140 and the present build­ing dates from the 15th cen­tu­ry, although it has been altered almost out of recog­ni­tion since then.

By the late 18th cen­tu­ry Low­er Edmon­ton was the admin­is­tra­tive as well as the spir­i­tu­al cen­tre of the parish and a well-estab­lished set­tle­ment, although by no means large. There were 101 dwellings here in 1801. In the mid-19th cen­tu­ry rib­bon devel­op­ment along Fore Street linked it with Upper Edmon­ton.

In 1849 the Great East­ern Rail­way opened Church Street sta­tion (lat­er Low­er Edmon­ton) on a now-closed branch line to Enfield Town from Angel Road.

Anoth­er branch line arrived in 1872 and Edmon­ton sta­tion was built, lat­er called Low­er Edmon­ton and now Edmon­ton Green. The sec­ond line was the more suc­cess­ful but even before the new sta­tion opened the rail­way had had an effect in Low­er Edmon­ton; indus­try devel­oped north­ward along the line, and the build­ing of Liv­er­pool Street sta­tion dis­placed thou­sands of City inhab­i­tants, many of who came to live here.

Exten­sive shop­ping facil­i­ties and a street mar­ket at Edmon­ton Green drew vis­i­tors from miles around in the late 19th cen­tu­ry. Much of Low­er Edmon­ton was built up with hous­ing by the out­break of the First World War and the process was com­plet­ed in the two decades after hos­til­i­ties ceased, clos­ing the gap with neigh­bour­ing dis­tricts like Bush Hill Park.

After the Sec­ond World War Edmon­ton coun­cil and its Enfield suc­ces­sor com­pre­hen­sive­ly rede­vel­oped what had become a run-down area, adding tow­er blocks in the 1960s. The 1990s saw a resur­gence in pri­vate house­build­ing, espe­cial­ly of small flats.

Low­er Edmon­ton is a mul­ti-eth­nic com­mu­ni­ty; the main groups being white, black Caribbean and black African.

The Latymer School oper­ates a selec­tive admis­sion pol­i­cy and is rat­ed one of the best state schools in the coun­try. Found­ed in 1624 on Church Street, the school moved to Hasel­bury Road (at or beyond the left edge of the map below, depend­ing on your screen width) in 1910 and went co-edu­ca­tion­al at the same time. Most of its pupils do not come from the imme­di­ate area and those that do are more like­ly to live in Winch­more Hill than Low­er Edmon­ton.

The entertainer Bruce Forsyth was among the Latymer School’s alumni.

Postal district: N9
Population: 16,531 (2011 census)
Station: London Overground (Edmonton Green, zone 4)
Website: Lower-Edmonton.co.uk (no longer updated but still a comprehensive resource)
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