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The art and artefacts of ‘Bedlam’

Bethlem Museum of the Mind, Beckenham

Decorative plates made in the creative workshops at Bethlem Royal Hospital
Dec­o­ra­tive plates made in the cre­ative work­shops at Beth­lem Roy­al Hos­pi­tal

Most Lon­don­ers will be aware of the insti­tu­tion that was the ori­gin of the word ‘bed­lam’ but few know that it has sur­vived to the present day, albeit in a very dif­fer­ent form and set­ting.

The pri­o­ry of St Mary of Beth­le­hem was found­ed out­side Bish­ops­gate in 1247 and 130 years lat­er it began to pro­vide shel­ter and care for the men­tal­ly ill. When Hen­ry VIII dis­solved England’s reli­gious orders and con­fis­cat­ed their prop­er­ties he gave the pri­o­ry build­ings to the City as a place of incar­cer­a­tion (but very lit­tle treat­ment) for London’s lunatics.

In 1675 a new hos­pi­tal was built in Moor­fields, where it gained noto­ri­ety through its pol­i­cy of allow­ing those who could afford an admis­sion fee to amuse them­selves by wan­der­ing the halls and, quite lit­er­al­ly, mock­ing the afflict­ed.

The insti­tu­tion put its unsavoury past behind it and relo­cat­ed to Lam­beth in 1815, to the build­ing that now hous­es the Impe­r­i­al War Muse­um, and in 1930 it moved to its present site in the leafy sub­urb of Monks Orchard, which lies on the south side of Beck­en­ham.

Since 2015 the hospital’s muse­um and gallery have shared the easy-to-find admin­is­tra­tion block at the end of the short entrance dri­ve.

The muse­um pos­sess­es a mag­nif­i­cent col­lec­tion of mate­r­i­al relat­ing to men­tal ill­ness and the his­to­ry of the Hos­pi­tal of St Mary Beth­le­hem and its suc­ces­sors. How­ev­er, only a lim­it­ed selec­tion can be dis­played at any one time. Its most prized pos­ses­sions are the stat­ues Melan­choly and Rav­ing Mad­ness (shown below), by Caius Gabriel Cib­ber (see also the stat­ue of Charles II), which were orig­i­nal­ly mount­ed on either side of the gate­way to the Moor­fields hop­si­tal.

The gallery con­tains a lit­tle mis­cel­lany of art, most­ly the work of the hospital’s res­i­dents and ex-res­i­dents. Exhi­bi­tions and events are pro­grammed through­out the year. The paint­ings and draw­ings on dis­play range from the whim­si­cal to the dis­con­cert­ing and some­times down­right dis­tress­ing. On a lighter note, there are Bed­lam-brand­ed sou­venir items for sale – mugs, pen­cils and the like.

Melancholy and Raving Madness by Caius Gabriel Cibber

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